Cynthia Vanderwall

President / CEO

President and Chief Executive Officer, Cynthia T. Vanderwall, has over 40 years of experience and active involvement in the day-to-day operations of General Petroleum. After earning her bachelor’s degree from the University of Toledo, she went on to attend courses at the University of Toledo College of Law while also holding a management position in the Lucas County Court System. In May of 1978, Ms. Vanderwall—along with her family—acquired General Petroleum, Inc. Upon acquisition, she became Vice President of the company—a position she held until 2005, when she was named President. Upon purchasing her partner’s shares in the company, Ms. Vanderwall officially became both President and CEO of General Petroleum in July of 2016. She is exceedingly proud of the growth that GPI has seen over the past 40 years and is excited about what the future holds. She is also pleased to share that GPI recently received its Certification with the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council.

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Stephanie Baer

Chief Financial Officer

Mrs. Baer is beyond proud to be celebrating her eighth year as a member of the GPI Family. After several years of working in Customer Service, she now serves as the Assistant to the Chief Financial Officer where she handles and executes the day-to-day financial administrative duties. She continues to serve as supervisor and mentor to the Customer Service Team. She thoroughly enjoys working alongside management, sales, customer service, GPI’s dedicated vendors, and its wonderful customers as they are truly what make General Petroleum, Inc. an outstanding company.

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Rick Tudico

Purchasing Manager

Rick Tudico has been with General Petroleum for 24 years, as the Purchasing Manager. He has worked closely with ExxonMobil Fuels & Lubricants Company, Houghton International Coolants, Quaker Chemical Coolants, and QualiChem Coolants for placing General Petroleum Orders. Rick has an AAS Degree in Business from Indiana University – Purdue University, Fort Wayne, IN, June, 2010.  He had also attended Taylor University, Fort Wayne, IN. Prior to General Petroleum, Rick worked at Rogers Markets for 15 years.

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David “Doc” Raines

General Sales Manager

David Raines—more commonly known around the office as Doc—joined the General Petroleum team in February of 2019. Before joining the team Doc spent 19 years working for ExxonMobil in strategic account sales. He spent a majority of his career working in the commercial and industrial lubricant sector and he has brought his 35 years of past sales and sales management experience to General Petroleum. In addition to his sales background, Doc served in the military and is a decorated combat veteran. Doc and his wife Jill and daughter Mickayla currently reside in Fort Wayne.

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Dan Patrick

Southern Operations Manager

As GPI’s Southern Operations Manager, Mr. Patrick has more than thirty years of experience working with General Petroleum under his belt. Prior to working with us, Danny was a warehouse manager for Fisher Oil, which was purchased by General Petroleum in 1989. Before working for Fisher Oil, he spent 2 years at Braswell Shipyards in Charleston S.C. as a Lead Man repairing commercial nuclear-powered ships. Danny graduated Naval Nuclear Power School in Bainbridge, Maryland in 1975 and served with the Navy until 1978. Prior to serving 4 years with the United States Navy, Danny served 2 years with the United States Marine Corps. With a supervisory background spanning over four decades, Mr. Patrick is proud to bring his indispensable expertise to the table every day at General Petroleum, Inc.

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Christian Koop

Fort Wayne Operations Manager

Christian is our Fort Wayne operations manager since August of 2015. Christian started with General Petroleum full time in the fall of 2009, where he started as a delivery driver, then moved into the warehouse for 3 years before stepping into the operations role. Christian’s degree in business management and technology background have helped modernize and make the operational duties more efficient. Christian enjoys working with every aspect of the business from the customers to the vendors and is excited about what the future holds for GPI.

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